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This page details latest additions to my stock,not yet in the Gallery.

Details and pics of any items are available on request.

Swaps and part exchanges on all items here and in the Gallery could be of interest.

499.  Lathe and milling machine etc collets.I have quite a few 6mm,
             1/4inch, 8mm and 10mm.Prices from 6 to 15 each.
              Wheel stepped and other types as sets or singles.
              Let me know your needs as I have too many to list.
              Minimum order 20.

507.  A miners stick barometer in very good condition by White of
            Union St,Glasgow.As a working mercury tube item must be
            collected or delivered safely so price on application.

518.  A set of 25 ferrule turning arbors.Medium sizes 0 to 24,in
           original wooden box,clean condition.Suitable small clocks
           and watches.Price 40.

544.  Clock wheel and pinion cutters,modules from 0.3 to 1.0.
           Mostly Thorntons,a few Shesto.
           Too many to catalogue,prices from 20.Please let
            me know your requirements,full details on request.

547.  Kennan of Fishamble St.Dublin.An ornamental compound
           lathe slide with tool post.A bit scruffy,full details available.
           Price 750.

548.  A Chronos pinion gallows for their wheel cutting engine.
           Converts the wheel cutter for pinion cutting.With male
           and female centres and spacers.Very clean,details on
           request. Price 125.
           Will suit other small wheel cutting machines and a very
            inexpensive alternative to buying a pinion mill.

549.  Build a Model Solar System,Orrery.The complete 52 magazines
           hard bound,detailing construction of the Eaglemoss orrery
           from their kit.Price 50.

549b. Build a Model Tellurion,Sun ,Earth and Moon.Hardbound
           magazines from the publishers above.Price 50.

556.  A Stuart S50 horizontal steam engine in good working order.
           Pics and details on request.Price 195.

557.  A Bing tinplate horizontal  hot air engine in unusually good
           condition,full details available.Price 185.

559.   A Model Engineer pattern single column beam engine.
           Approx 1inch scale,c9.5in flywheel.Needs some work.
           This model could be a very good project.Full details
            on request.Price Sold.

560.  A brass framed watchmakers topping or rounding up tool.
           Full details available.Price Sold.

562.  A vertical lathe slide fitted with a spindle taking 6mm
           collets.The slide sprung to reduce backlash.Good
           quality,marked MACO Besancon.Would suit clock or
           most lathes of Myford type etc.Full details available.
           Price 85.





As well as the items listed above I usually have many lathe accessories and parts,cutters, saws etc in stock.Please contact me for your specific requirements,I have too much to produce a catalogue.













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