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This page details latest additions to my stock,not yet in the Gallery.

Details and pics of any items are available on request.

Swaps and part exchanges on all items here and in the Gallery could be of interest.

499.  Lathe and milling machine etc collets.I have quite a few 6mm,
             1/4inch, 8mm and 10mm.Prices from 4 to 10 each.
              Let me know your needs as I have too many to list.
              Minimum order 20.

505.   Stepped wheel lathe collets,6mm.Numbers 1 to 5.
             8 each or 35 for a "set".

507.  A miners stick barometer in very good condition by White of
            Union St,Glasgow.As a working mercury tube item must be
            collected or delivered safely so price on application.

512.   8mm collets.A set of 19 plus cutter arbor.Internal threaded
             with correct drawbar,sizes c1.8mm to 6.3mm.

517.  A rare Vic period eccentric lathe chuck.Good clean condition,
           pics and details on request.Price 675.

518.  A set of 25 ferrule turning arbors.Medium sizes 0 to 24,in
           original wooden box,clean condition.Suitable small clocks
           and watches.Price 45.

521.  A Smiths MA car clock.Chrome plated,clean and good working
           order.Price 60.

524.  An ebonised wall bracket with brass fittings,suitable for a large
           bracket clock.The table measures c18.5 by 10.5 inches
           overall.Vic Edw period.Price 150.

526.  A small,19in length,Hipp toggle wall clock.Attractive oak case,
           glazed door,brass dial.Needs some TLC. Price 165.

528.  An original  Bulle clock brass pendulum clip.Rare.Price 30.

529.  A Bergeon poising tool,clean lot. Price 55.

530.  A watchmakers pivoting drill,uncommon.Price 55.





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