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This page details latest additions to my stock,not yet in the Gallery.

Details and pics of any items are available on request.

Swaps and part exchanges on all items here and in the Gallery could be of interest.

499.  Lathe and milling machine etc collets.I have quite a few 6mm,
             1/4inch, 8mm and 10mm.Prices from 6 to 15 each.
              Wheel stepped and other types as sets or singles.
              Let me know your needs as I have too many to list.
              Minimum order 20.

570.  A large English clock throw,turns, circa 1875.
           Handwheel c9ins diameter,adjustable tool rest.
           Surface tarnish and rust.Full details on request.
           Price 60.

571.  A Pultra cross cut-off slide,lever operated.Two T slot
           bases and stop screws.Needs a clean but well fit for
           purpose.Price 85.

580.  A Pultra draw tong tool.Marked 1944 SPECIAL,with
            7 grip settings.Price 20.

587.  A BTM 8mm lathe headstock. WW2 black paint finish.
            Pulley with 4 rows of divisions. Price 35.

588.  A Lorch Schmidt gap bed,Geneva D type,for a watch or
            instrument lathe.Pics available.Price 45.

589.  A topslide for an Emco Unimat 3 lathe.Toolpost,screw
            feed and graduated sector for taper turning.
            Pics available. Price 35.

590.  An extra long,16ins, Lorch Geneva type D bed,suitable
              watch lathes. Price 35.

591.  A Stuart S50 horizontal steam engine model.
             Working order,needs a clean and minor adjustment.
             An early example,details available.Price 185.

595.  Chronos division plates for the wheel and pinion
            cutting engine.DD62R,DD63,DD66.Counts and
            other details on request. Price Sold.

596.  Thornton pinion cutters:  module 0.75  7T
                                             module 0.75  8T
           Price 35 each.
























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