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Gallery / Mantel Clocks


Westminster Chime Bracket Style
Clock.  Ref: wsn891.
Click on Picture for More Details.




An Elliott Mantel Clock.Ref:alt3376. 
Click on picture above for more details.  



An Elliott Bell Striking Mantel 
Clock. Ref: wsnloca. Click on photo for more details.


An Elliott Chiming Mantel Clock.Ref:wsn880. 
Click on picture for more details.                                 



A Lancet Mantel Clock.Ref:ws3415.
Click on picture below for more details.

A Rotherhams Brass Mantel Clock.Ref:ws3422.
Click on picture below for more details.

A Large French 4 Glass Mantel Clock.Ref:ws3298a.
Click on picture below for more details.




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